Presenting Creativity with Simple Images of Handmade Creations


Mixed Media art can be addictive, passionate and a pastime activity so is the finding and gathering of interesting paper ephemera and images. This article tends to share with you various inclusions into your artwork that can make it more inspiring and more so your handmade creations. Some of your creations will include:

  • Images of vintage Birthday cards with wishes on which you can apply modern twist on and still achieve something beautiful.
  • Creative prompts
  • Inspiring quotes that will create art journal layouts which will end up giving you some art journaling inspiration. You can get more of them by visiting “ Inspiring Quotes for Art Journaling”.
  •  Vintage Christmas greeting cards with ephemera sheet images  that you can turn into handmade greeting cards.
  • Gratitude Journal pages
  • Letters Home
  • The “Numbers have it” cards
  • Mother’s Day sentiments
  • Cute Easter cards
  • Vintage Easter Wishes cards
  • New Year’s Reflection cards
  • Streets of Rome Cards
  • Patterns and shapes that will give you a lot of inspirations
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Nautical themes
  • Driving into the 40s images etc.

All the above are ways you can present your imagination and creation by use of simple images.


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