Developing your Artistic Ideas with Simple Materials


Susan Walls is a Mixed Media Jewelry Artist with a charm for creativity and art. This is well explained by the jewelry and clothes she had made and wears despite having taken a different pathway after college, that of a restaurant business.

Susan began to make her own jewelry in 1990′s on a part time bases and started playing with resin about 5 years ago while watching the increase in popularity of ICE resin along the way. It is until when she began having kids that she found herself at cross-roads with the restaurant business and immediately transitioned to a stay at home mom, which, as we all know, has its own challenges. She ended up with the artistic business which she began by painting murals. Eventually she shifted her focus and on to the mixed media jewelry.

In her pieces of art, she will include such materials like Resin, metal elements and shrink plastic. Her themes on the jewelry will have humor and words that capture our imaginations. According to her she wants people to laugh and respond. As a result of her obsession of her style of mixed media jewelry, Susan keeps a notebook beside her bed to capture those inspiring ideas in the middle of the night and jot them down so she can remember them in the morning. You too can develop your passion.


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