Travelling on a Creative Journey


19Feb_TJD_CreativeJourneyPic2For you to achieve in art, you have to develop a creative journey.  Mixed Media Art brings to you a creative journey travel to advise you on what you need to put in place to kick start on your journey. Tamara Dinius has a way with artistic expression even though she learnt it the hard way.  This is what she says you should embrace towards the road to creative freedom:

  • A can do attitude – According to Tamara Yoda was right when he said “Do, or do not, there is no try”. Make and make more art.
  • Self Confidence – Believe in the self that all the artistic point of view you have is all yours lest you try to emulate others. You will only be true to yourself if find your own style.
  • Patience – It takes time to develop your own style and since you didn’t learn to walk before you crawled, embrace your imperfections and continue to practice your art. It does not matter how many times you fall but how soon you get up.
  • Support – Seek support from those whom you are sharing your creative journey with. You could join groups with similar interests as well as appreciate other people’s work with encouraging comments.
  • Freedom – Don’t limit yourself in expression using a creative process.
  • Your wings that will facilitate your growth.

Now you know what to brig on your creative journey!


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