Become a Self Creating Artist with your own Creations


If you love artwork creativity, Mixed Media Art has brought to your attention various wonderful gallery Ranger booths from different designers and artists whom in their own creations tried to answer the question of “How do you Distress?” Below are a few artists who displayed their creativity and which caught everyone’s eye:

  • Julie Fei-Fan Balzer presented metallic rectangle stack up which was full of color and amazing texture.
  • Donna Downey had wonderful 3D poppies with lots of texture and depth. You would have loved to touch this all the way.
  • With soft bluey, green background and using stencils and a paint wash, Dina Wakely created gorgeous face sketch of 3D elements.
  • Using a range of inks and stamps to frame the central focal point, Richele Christensen created a lovely piece while adding a variety of garden elements to compete the work.
  • Vintaj Design Team created gorgeous 3D butterflies which were such a delight with their colours and 3D design. The beauty was enhanced by the tree branch, using a real twig, and leaves.

All the pieces that were created by the above artists and others had a way with inspiration especially with the variety of colours used. This was all courtesy of the Mixed Media Techniques. It is very possible that you will find all styles interesting. Good luck!


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