How the Concept of Craft Test Dummies was Created


14FebWk1_JennyCTD-pic2Probably you have no idea what Craft Test Dummies have to do with presentation of beauty and review of products. This is according to Jenny Barnett Rohrs who carries out simple product reviews and tutorials on a remarkable website. Markers will be used on different papers, inks across different mediums and unusual ways will be used to make cards and other crafts.

Craft Test Dummies website was born after Jenny realized that she could not find answers online regarding which markers were suitable to include on her fabric quilts and how long the adhesive she used would take to dry. Since 2008 the website has been growing steadily and attracting like-minded people who want to be online craft – mentors.  The website so far has four other “Testers”, all volunteers.

The success for Craft Dummies website is based on these two key principles:

  • “we are provided product to review, but the review will be honest first, and helpful second”
  • “Our audience can smell a fake and we will turn stuff down if it’s not right for the blog”.

Jenny and her testers will also provide manufacturers with feedback about their products.  She enjoys a range of craft and will “play with anything”. “Paint, mist, stencil, draw, Zentangles – whatever is at hand”.

She is a working mother and will juggle her family and business. Besides, she has a supportive partner.  Jenny has her passion for all things crafting shines through and her parting shot is that “You need to believe in what you are doing”. 


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