Making your Own Ribbon Wrapped Journal


Mixed Media Art will always be at hand to help you out with your creativity. We all love to give gifts and MMA have packed a secret for you of a personalized gift; that of a ribbon wrapped Journal.  You will need items like Needle and thread, Ribbon and journal of choice, cutters and markers, Metal D ring, adhesives, Velcro strips and embellishments.

The process of making the journal is as follows:

  • Wrap the ribbon 1.5 times around your journal but ensure the D – ring is at the front and Velcro closure at the back. Then sew a seam on both ends of the ribbon.
  • Sew the D ring on to one end of the ribbon then, wrap the ribbon around the journal and thread the ribbon through the ring to determine the placement of the Velcro strip. The ribbon should not be twisted and the D – ring should be straight.
  • Mark the placement for the Velcro strips with a fabric pen or marker. While the ribbon is still wrapped around the journal go ahead and mark the place for your embellishments.
  • Now Remove ribbon and attach the Velcro strip according to package instructions. Using your imaginations and creativity, add your embellishments.
  • Once the embellishments are attached to the ribbon, wrap it around the journal again while gluing it to the spine of the journal.

You have finished your journal project!


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