Using Duct Tapes in making Colorful Flowers


Have you ever thought about the beauty of duct tape flowers what you can make out of them? According to Angee Woodman’s exploration, adding a flower onto the end of a pen or pencil, a skewer or wire would give you great designs. Here are the simple tools that will enable you to achieve the same:

  • Scissors
  • Skewer, wire or pen for supporting the flower
  • Two colors of duct tape regardless of the design

With the above tools you will follow the steps/process below to make your duct tape flowers: –

Step 1:

You begin by covering the base of your skewer, wire or pen while wrapping the same the same with the duct tape.

Step 2:

Make the petals by measuring two inches of duct tape of whatever print of color you want to use.  20 pieces will do for a small flower but you can still add if your feel the flower is not yet full.

Step 3:

Bend one corner so as they look like a boat sail and fold the other edge over. Wrap this around the very end of the pen opposite of the end you write with. The print should be on the outside and the sticky part of your petal should be wrapped around the pen base.

Step 4:

Repeat the process with an objective of putting petals in between other petals as the flower takes shape.

Step 5:

Now add leaves so as to blend with the stem and there you have it.


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