Artistic Mixed Media Ornaments for Christmas


It is during a festive season that many people tend to show case their creativity especially in art. Mixed Media has not been left behind. In an effort to share their passion Mixed Media Art has been able to put to good use its techniques by making Media Christmas Ornaments using the Mixed Media supplies. Let’s see what they made:

  • Cookie Cutter Ornaments – While your creativity in making this will dictate you – whether to be simple or lavish, you will be able to display those lovely ephemera sheets and lovely background. However the gluing part will need a lot of care.

  • Paper Origami Flower Ornament – According to Jenn of Origami Twist this involves gluing and folding gorgeous flower ornaments.

  • Paper Ephemera ornaments – This comes about as a result of lots of collections which include old book pages, paper ephemera, and painted backgrounds in addition to Gelli prints. You can also add some red ribbon and sparkly glitter to this Christmas ornament.

  • Beading Mini Wreath Ornament – Those that are passionate about jewelry, it is in making this ornament that you will be able to apply your jewelry making skills.  You will then need a collection of beads, jewelry wire and some ribbons. To create an interesting wreath, you could mix buttons and beads.

  • Button Tree ornaments – This is a must try ornament for those of us that are button fetish.


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