Creative Art Journaling using Inspiring Quotes


Inspiring Quotes for Art Journaling

Have you ever thought of journaling that would lead you into creating your own layouts?  It is on these layouts that you will caption some inspiring quotes and eventually the whole layout would become an art journal. Mixed Media Ephemera sheet  from Mixed Media Art emphasizes on ways you can use inspiring quotes as below:

  • Using a lot of printed quotes
  • Using one word as to create a central theme
  • Use of words that will individualize layouts.

Below are some of the simple steps you can apply to create a beautiful layout:

  • Start by printing out the quotes and single out that which inspires you most using a sharp object
  • Do a little shading for color activation.
  • Fill out the letters using a darker color and while using a paint brush blend the two colors at the middle of each letter.
  • Carry out a repetition of the same to other words and use contrasting colors
  • You will have completed your layout by probably adding a gold gel pen

You can also use the quotes on a pre – painted art journal page and what matters most is how you play around with the quotes that eventually give you a beautiful layout.


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