Writing Down your Thoughts on a Mixed Media Journal


Did you know that you can easily express your thoughts and ideas on paper? Yes by the use of Mixed Media Art Journals which you will create with mixed art genre. There are 3 ways in which you can approach it and still give your best?

  • You can prepare a layout of your journal then write
  • You can write then decorate the layout.
  • You can first write then incorporate your layout.

You ought to be organized with tools and supplies to comprehensively achieve your journaling goal.

  • A sketch book or notebook would do since you are doing Mixed Media Art. You could also use an old altered book.
  • Fast drying glue is preferred to stick printed photos and images you may include in the journal.
  • Good writing pens .A gel pen in black is a must have and you can mix with other colors of white and brown.
  • Have time to gather your thoughts. Develop your own style and explore on them with inner creativity and which you will continue to practice instead of sticking on a theme.
  • It is time to write and your handwriting at this point is not important. The same applies to where you begin or end.  Since this is a journal keep writing with a non – judgmental approach and trust the journaling process!

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