Meet the Self -taught Mixed Media Artist Christine Marshal


1If you are fun of Mixed Media Art you will want to hear how Christine Marshal started off as a self-taught artist though she is a qualified Reflexologist. She discovered her talent when she was practicing painting on small canvas because she could not find a wall art that she liked for a big wall space at her home.

Thinking about her next project and keeps her awake and Christine says that art has given her great freedom because it’s all fun and exciting. She loves texture and shimmering objects which she frequently uses in her art work. Some of the gel mediums and embellishments she celebrates in include broken ceramics, Sequins, beads and buttons among others.

With the many selection of paints embellishments and found objects that surround her she is always ready to experiment hence labeling her work “creative accidents”. She will use anything and everything in her art work if she thinks it will work.  Look out for: –

  • Butterfly three mini mixed media collages
  • Three mini canvas in greys
  • Mixed media canvas collage
  • 3D mixed media canvas painting

The above are some of the items that received a heavy sell in her first ever arts and craft show at ASSEMBLED in Somerville, MA even with no experience.  Finally she has created her first gallery shop on Etsy, called “Key2MyArt” as well  as  creating a Facebook page “Key2myart – Christine Marshall“.   Christine is now completely hooked on mixed media and can’t absorb herself enough in all the beautiful art that she has viewed on so many websites. 


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