Becoming a Media Mixed Artist in Photography


Little Dreams CanvasDid you know you can be a Media Mixed Artist in Photography? Photography can be a professional career which would cover different visual art mediums like book binding, sculpture, and print making and fiber arts.

And what can you do with photos? From Rachel Greig the proud owner and designer of Darkroom Door, a rubber stamp company based in Australia there is a lot you can do with your photos. She used her own photos to design rubber stamps just for fun before starting out the Company.

With her love for mixed media, rubber stamps and paints featured heavily in her artwork since she used them to create textures. She would use Ferro; a Metallic paste to create amazing textures and there after combine it with precious metal to give the texture a highlight. With this aspect, she is able to create wonderful butterfly canvas with great texture.

Greig is now a renowned artist who has travelled globally to meet and teach other artists on Mixed Media and rubber stamping as well as share new idea while making new friends.

All her inspiration of doing what she does came from the many years she spent in black and white darkrooms and together with her husband and partner they are making it big. You can also become creative with photography.


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