Mixed Media Projects


Using sewing pattern tissue is an easy way to add interest to you art journal
There are SO many different elements of mixed media art that it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you finally have some time to create. I find having a handmade art journal at hand allows me to make a little art each day – and that makes me happy! Here are the key steps for when you are feeling overwhelmed:

1. Start with the Back

Start be creating a background. There are SO  many great techniques for creating backgrounds. Some of them include:

  • credit card painting
  • gesso resistance painting
  • gluing down ephemera
  • creating a collage with vintage elements
  • gesso with scribblings

Make sure you leave your backgorund to fully dry before you proceed with the next layers.

2. Collage elements

Pull out all those images and ephemera you have tucked away. Cut , tear, and arrange until you have it an arrangement that you’re happy with. Then the glueing fun begins. You can use a glue stick or gel medium for this process. Again allowed to dry completely before the next step.

3. Making your mark

Get at your markers, pens and textas to get ready to add some journalling. And some highlights some doodling and some words.

Here is a general layout I put together in the face of being overwhelmed by too many options:

You can find more mixed media projects over at MixedMediaArt.net.


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