Have You Been Throwing Away your Canvas? Not any more!


Canvas is one of the many materials found around our homes and which is hardly thought of. But wait until you meet a creative person who will tell you to collect as much as any item you come around because you may need it in future.

This simply implies that the readily available canvas can be put into good use for mixedmedia art with a little bit of creativity. When you desire to make sturdy background for your masterpiece, then canvas is the material to consider. If you are looking for inspiration of putting a mixed media idea into action try it out on canvas and the commonly used is “4×4”.

Apart from its availability, it is easy to use because you can either choose to slightly paint it before use or directly spray it. Use damp brushes if you have to paint. Use different colors that blend and once it is dry you can begin to decorate your canvas.

However there is need to use glue which is advisable that you first apply it on the back of the tissue paper and give it a few moments to soak in. Apply glue on the canvas as well and afterwards carefully lay the wet tissue paper onto the canvas which you should smooth out with your finger nail to remove excessive glue and you can now stick out what you want to.


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