“Voilà! A Mixed Media Art Tutorial”


This essay is a short tutorial about mixed media art. One needs a huge amount of imagination in successfully coming up with a mixed media artwork. So that is the first step, one must have the passion and desire in producing a creative mixed media artwork. One should have a burning fire in his or her heart because that will keep him or her motivated. Aside from that, one must decide on the size of the artwork. How small or how big is the subject? What is the size of the artwork? It will all depend on the artist. It will all depend on you. Next, one must select the base. Will it be a canvass? Will it be a wood? Or will the artist use just simple paper? Again, it will all rely on the preferences of the artist.

After deciding on those matters, comes the most challenging part. At this juncture, the artist will now look for the different media that he or she will use. In looking for the art materials, one can never go wrong with traditional drawing utensils. We have oil, acrylic and watercolor  One can also use the combination of charcoal, chalk and pencil. However, combining various brands of one medium will not count as mixed media art. Even if the brands are different, as long as they are of the same type of medium, the objective of this tutorial to create a mixed media art will not be achieved.

As mentioned previously, one can also look for different household items that can be used in this artwork. So at this point of time, the artist should now roam around his or her house for unique items that can be used to express his or her feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas. One must be ingenious and innovative at this moment. In considering various types of media, one must remember that it must be a combination of a wet and a dry medium. Different types of paint are considered as wet items. While collage items which are located in our households are considered as dry items. When one uses pencil as a medium, one must make sure that it is a fundamental and essential part of the artwork. Do not use the pencil to merely draft the initial sketch of the artwork. After this, the next step is to create the mixed media artwork itself. This procedure requires patience and perseverance. One must not hurry in creating the artwork. One should not be hast at this moment because it might lead to errors. This is where the artist will express his or her aspirations, ideas, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

After using all the items to complete the artwork, one must now affix the signature and the date of the completion of the artwork. Voilà! The mixed media artwork is now complete. Hopefully, this mixed media art tutorial would be a great help to all the budding mixed media artists out there.

 Here are some great mixed media art tutorials from Mixedmediaart.net

Creating Layers Online Tutorial

-If you are looking for a good video tutorial about Craeting Layers for your mixed media art projects then yo should watch this!

Creating a Gratitude Box

– This is another great video from mixedmediaart.net showing how to decorate an old wooden box. 

Found Objects for Mixed Media Painting

– If you love recycling, then this is a good video that will show you how to recycle things for your mixed media art projects.


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