Helpful Ideas When Creating Altered Books


Reading Between The Lines with Altered BooksCreation of altered books through altered text is an exercise filled with fun. “Altered text” is achieved by putting together certain words or phrases chosen and highlighted while being connected by dark lines connecting the words on the page and in the order you want to read them.

When you intend to start a new altered book page, it is advisable to first flip through the pages lightly to seek words or phrases that may catch your attention while writing them on a rough paper. Over and over the frequent page flips you will be able to pick many more words and phrases that can constitute a sentence and make a meaning out of it.

The sequence should bring out the complexity in the phrases giving a larger meaning than just the mere read of the text. You can highlight what you have picked so that they can show well up on the page and by this you are set to start the artwork of creating altered books. You begin with the use of watercolors, acrylics, collage elements, permanent inks, markers and colored pencils. You may chose to use a couple of pictures but make sure not cover up the words you have chosen. With this idea you can create a whole storyline within a story with what you have collected.


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