Mixed Media Art Using Rub-ons


Mixed media art is one of many art techniques which require the use of paint, surface, oil colours, board and stickers. A piece of mixed media art is always beautiful to look at as it describes a range of human activities.

A creation through imaginative and technical skills, mixed media art has a large number of followers all over the world. When the final creation is stylish, craft and trendy, the buyer will pay any price for it.

It may take the artist years to perfect his technique before he can start to make a name for himself. The profession demands dedication, devotion, love and concentration and the beginners may find it somewhat difficult.

There are several things a new artist can do to learn tricks of the trade. Visiting useful links online can equip an artist with the desired skills set. Watching mixed media arts tutorials is also another way of familiarising with the latest trends and techniques. For an artist, it is extremely important to ensure his idea is fresh as that is what the viewers will be attracted to.

Using rub-ons is also an excellent method to give a new look to a mixed media art product. Most of us have our drawers full of Rub-on as we are unsure of how and where to use them. These rub-ons can be bought online with ease and they are great for layering images.

What separates mixed media art from other techniques are the unexpected results you get from it. The best way to learn and perfect this art is by playing around with the tools and materials.


To be able to succeed in this work, the artist must think as a child or a mad scientist. If he can surprise himself in a good way, his finale creation is bound to be a good one.


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