Things to Know about Mixed Media Layering


creating mixed media art layerMixed Media is a work of visual art. It refers to the work in which more than one medium has employed. When creating a painting using mixed media, it is important that you choose the layers carefully. Make sure that you allow enough drying time between the layers so that the final work will be nice and vibrant. With the help of Mixed Media layers, we can make many effects.

If you are a beginner and interested in mixed media layering you just need to think of what you are going to make. Then using different colors and textures, start creating layers and there is no limit to layers so you can make few layers or a lot of layers. Meanwhile you can also use different items like tissue paper, foil, rice, paints and anything which may create an attractive texture.

If you are confused how to start then you may start with gesso and paints. These two are good materials to use. Gesso layer can also be used to add some texture, creating marks, words, scratching.

If you want to have a good start then choose any two or three colors which goes well together like using black and white. From these humble beginnings great arty things can happen. Next you may use old papers. By cutting them into different shapes and using these for layering seems quite creative. For sticking the cut-out papers you may use glue.

Once your painting and layering stage is completed then you must give a finishing touch. You may search for old items that are not in use like bottle caps, beads which could be used for finishing touch. Once you have finished your wok, leave it for drying.

Enjoy creating artworks!


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