Details about Acrylic Paint and Acrylic Painting


paintingAcrylic Paint is one of the fast drying paint which contains pigment suspension. It can also be mixed with water but when it is dry it becomes water-resistant. Acrylic paint durability depends on how much it is diluted in water or with other pastes or gels.

Acrylic painting offers a versatile method of painting. Acrylic painting in its any form, thick or thin (like ink) gives a 3D effect. If you add various available substances then it will create a different type of texture. With this, you can create different textured effects. Some artists create acrylic paints using different items such as rice and sand giving it a different style and texture.

While painting, it is important to know that you choose the best kind of painting surface so that you may not feel any difficulty in painting. You must choose a light weight object. If you choose paper, choose a heavier paper because paper is the lightest item that can be used.  Traditional painting is done on wood, masonite and canvas.

Gather your tools, materials and colors. The idea, inspiration, pictures which came in your mind. Set that photograph and start fleshing it out on the painting surface.

Decide what style of painting you want to explore. Try to search something new. Use attractive colors and if you are a beginner then keep your painting simple.

When you completed you acrylic painting, leave it in a cool, dry place for ventilation. It will dry soon then it’s good to go. Use it for yourself or sell it in the market.

I hope that your painting would be attractive and an interesting one! Enjoy creating!


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