Quick and Easy a Journal


Journaling on the QuickDebbie Davis is a mixed media artist who finds creating art to be a wonderful stress reliever. She plays a lot in the paint and other mixed media mediums whenever a chance comes her way. She also like painted backgrounds which she loves to keep in her journal books her favorite being a vintage ledger binder that she picked up from an antique store.

That said, she is always raring to go. However, while on a vacation, she did not get a chance to do much and on getting back she thought hard on what she could do at home and work that would look more of a journal.

With a blank mind, she chose to use a previously created background randomly made by scraping pink, yellow and blue/green paints. Within the paints there had been a loose mixture of some white fluid acrylic paint onto the ledger journal page using an old store card.

With a photo that she had always wanted to use in a journal, she copied and pasted it into a Word document and resized it so that it would fit on the journal page. The whole thing was looking so calm. She then collaged the photo with cabanas that she had gotten from a scrap paper.

Then using a Stabilo pencil she outlined the photo and cabanasand lightly went over the pencil with a wet brush.

Writing of words was next which she did with the Stabilo pencil.  The words made the whole artwork stand out.

Making your Own Mixed Media Décor Pillow


Mixed Media Decor PillowOur homes require a personal touch when it comes to décor. This is the simple reason that Melanie Statnick smiles back at herself whenever she visits home décor and craft stores on seeing an abundance of decor items. Some of them include Decor boxes, wall art, candle holders, garden and décor pillows.

With all the collections she would find, Melanie attempted to make a Décor pillow using a sewing machine, even though she had undertaken Home Studiesmany moons ago. However, instruction books and DVD’s that come with most machines today would give some relieve to her work.

Depending on the fabric you’ll want to play with, you will require 2 sheets of burlap and canvas squares each. The art will be on the canvas side though.

You can choose to use a stencil which you lay out on the section you want then use ink spray to give it the effect you want.

It is not necessary that you use the fine mist around the design if you don’t like it. It could probably look messy at some point. In this case cover your edges with scrap paper. To fame the design, a boarder of lace ribbon would do using fabric glue in addition to glued buttons on the corners.

To ascertain that your work is ready, allow it to dry for 24 hours before adding the stuffing and if you don’t want it to run off its ink, spray with a fabric sealer.

Focal Points and Mixed Media Art


Focal Points in Mixed Media ArtDid you know you can tell a story with mixed media art? Yes you can but how you place your focal points is of importance. Madeline Faiella chose to explain this concept by using 3 feet tall and 2 feet widecourt room board but on a smaller surface and to which she added a base of white paint and gesso.

The feeling of being able to re-use something is awesome. She used paper, painted with acrylic to make a face and attached it the base of the board using gesso. Then using light, graduated layers, she applied molding paste across the base surface.

At this point ensure the edges are up to standard with the background and you can choose to use lighter layers.  In the event you chose to use many layers, give your work some good time to dry. You can only achieve proper drying if you leave your work overnight between each layering.

Careful planning and having enough spontaneity are of essence. Keep the colors in mind and have a thorough check of your work after each layer.

Madeline who has written continuing columns for the art and creative community says that you can achieve anything through trying new things and being creative. She has a tone of tools for her work which she uses for her varied work.

Working on a Mandala Design


Creating a Simple Mandala DesignShari Welch has been creating art for as long as she can remember after having studies graphic design in Portland and thereafter putting all her focus on mixed media art. She gets creative with any simple design that comes her way.

This time round, she intends to put her creativity on a simple Mandala design. Mandalas are useful devices for concentrating with yourself and getting in touch with your own inner reality. The secret of connecting with your spiritual core is by use of color on a Mandala.

But how do you create a Mandala? You can use lines, dots, circles, and a few diamond shapes:

  • Create a circle on a 4×4 canvas and using a lid as a template.
  • Paint around the outside of the circle black and use the end of a paintbrush to create dots to fill your circle. Make sure you get the right size of the dot.
  • You can use different shades of the same color family, complementary colors or otherwise. Though it is up to you, you can choose to add small dots around larger ones to define them.
  • Be creative and experiment with dashes, diamonds, curved and straight lines and only stop when you are contented with your piece of work.

Since creation of Mandalas could be very detailed works of art, all you need to do is exercise some creativity and you can create one in an hour or less.

Making Recycled ATC Card Holder


ATC HolderAnjuli Johnson is so passionate about working with cards. In an effort to explore her passion, she decides to make for her younger sister an ATC card holder, with 25 separate slots for 25 scripture cards.

It has to be well-made and easy to work with. The cards should be held in place so that nothing falls out or gets lost. This is how she went about it:

  • Use of thick paper would do from which she would cut strips of 9” by 4 ½”and scored them at 3” and 6”. Folded and glued each envelope was 3” by 4 ½”

A cereal box cardboard would be ideal for a cover which doesn’t have to be thick for easy use and which would be painted black with additions of paper and tissue tape for a cool but clean and simple look.

  • The modified cover measurements ended up being 14” long and 3 ¼” wide, with scored lines at 2”, 4” 8 ¾”, 10 ¾”.
  • Envelopes were then glued one at a time starting at the back of the cover and then one on top of the other.
  • The latch for the cover was made using metal findings to create a knob for a loop of elastic. A bit of metal glue would give a great closure which would ensure that the cards are all intact.

Anjuli is always raring to go,to discover and also develop her talents while meeting new people from whom she strives to learn.

Ideas when Making Tag Books


Tag BooksAnything made from tags present good beauty. Melanie Statnick who uses scrapbook paper and Kraft paper with collaged images knows this too well.  You can either gather pre-made tags or cut them into shapes that you so prefer. For the pages, any type of paper would serve.

  • Fold the tag into half, then cut and fold blank pages to size and staple to the inside
  • Cut assorted images and words and glue them onto your pages to create a story or note book.It does not matter much whether you use the front or back side or both; either option will post good results.
  • You can choose to decorate the covers. It’s an easy and quick task from which you can make dozens of them.

As Melanie who is a published artist would put it, artwork is all about creativity. It is from this mentality that she is able to create art daily from her private studio.

Besides, as an artist you ought to know how to go out of your way with experimentation. The end result should not be such a bother at first because it is through experiments that you get to learn. Get up and become creative!

Using Radiant Neon Amplify


Radiant Neon Amplify! Imagine® Crafts Product ReviewIn this article we will tell you about Martice Smith II who is a well-known and established freelance Illustrator and graphic designer. She basically specializes in mixed-media illustrations with her love of art being felt across the state of Missouri.

She has a special take for the use of intense color in mixed-media creations. After receiving eight beautifully vibrant colors from Imagine® Crafts Product; Electric Yellow, Electric Coral, Electric Orange, Electric Blue, Electric Purple, Electric Green, Black, and White, she was over the moon.

They are versatile and easy to use and will make any artist to go an extra mile hence the desire for Martice to share a few techniques where no skill level is required.

This is what she did to the new Radiant Neon Amplify:

  • 8×10 Gelli Arts – Gel Printing Plate will work just well
  • Draw simple shapes, straight from the paint bottle

The inks are easy to work with because they are water-based pigment.

  • To add a textured border along the edge of a page, use a stencil + a foam pouncer.
  • Then you can add dimensional texture as you may so wish.

The following are some of the key elements that you should give great consideration when dealing with Radiant Neon Amplify.

  • Have the dimensionality on point and ensure the texture is worth a touch.
  • Strong and a combination of both dark and light colors are preferred.
  • Maintenance and storage of Radiant Neon Amplify is of importance.

Get encouraged and start creating.