Making Framed Gifts fromGelli prints


Turn your Gelli Prints into Inspiring Framed GiftsAccording to Michelle G. Brown, being able to learn a few basic techniques in the world of mixed media art should be accessible to everyone. Besides creating, Karate training and being on Facebook, Michelle is passionate about mixed media art and enjoys sharing her knowledge and techniques with anyone to allow them express their own creativity. She understands too well that many of us have an inner need to create.

One of her favorite mixed media art techniques for creating backgrounds is Mono-printing with GelliArts Gelli Plates. The following are some of the materials she uses: –

  • glue; PVA or Gel Medium
  • Photo frame; here I used a 5” x 7” frame
  • Black Marker
  • Background papers or Gelli prints
  • Piece of cardboard to fit frame.
  • Washi tape

Steps to follow

  • First have your materials together with a few pieces of background paper in colors.
  • Take the back off your photo frame and use it to cut a piece of cardboard to size so it will fit into the frame.
  • Use the cardboard to cut a piece of background paper to size.
  • A piece of scotch brite or sandpaper should be able t to rough up the cereal box cardboard. Stick the background paper to the cardboard then flatten out any wrinkles.
  • Cut two contrasting background papers into strips and thin triangles. Stick these to the background piece and leave to dry then trim the ends to size.
  • Add a strip of Washi tape and write in your inspiring quote with the black marker. Seal with Gel medium or varnish. Leave to dry.

Creating gives a lot of satisfaction. Enjoy.

Are you a last minute gift giver person?


Last-minute Gift Card WrappersLet’s be honest that sometimes we rush to buy gifts the last moment however simple they could be including a gift card which is apparently the simplest. According to Katja Blum, a gift card is fun and says “I think you deserve a treat, please pick exactly what would make you smile right now”.

If you are looking out for presentation of ideas for holiday gift cards here are some ideas that you can borrow and achieve your goal:

  • In the event you only have a day to give the gift, how about making a collage or mixed media painting and using the envelope as part of the background?Alternatively, you can also make your own simple card pocket by gluing a piece of paper, card or fabric to the piece on three sides, leaving the top open.
  • If you only have hours, felt ornaments are easy to make and can be decorated with anything.
  • If you are really pressed for time with only an hour or less, a simple origami envelope can be folded in minutes. Almost any kind of rectangular paper works for the envelope.

Katja will create something from anything and from ugly or broken things around the house, she will find creative solutions. She advises that you need not to use chunks of money to buy gifts whereas you can make them from the comfort of your home.

Chipboard Confetti from UmWow


UmWow Studios and their Chipboard ConfettiAnjuli Johnson began her Mixed Media career as a scrapbooker and over time she has constantly pushed her fears through so as to discover and develop her talents. While different stores sell different art supplies, she has to keep browsing and searching for the same so as to be safe with her bank account.  However, sometimes it’s not just easy to resist new things that come along. This is with the discovery of the laser cut chipboard from umWow Studios which she says will work perfectly well with her multiple projects which include Christmas cards, alteration of small wooden boxes, and of course her mixed media canvases and scrapbook layouts. Besides, the UmWow’s chipboard embellishments are perfect for any and all of these projects.

She is excited that she stumbled on umWow Studios and the fact that she is able to get all shapes and sizes of their confetti which was her first order. In addition, they can cut so neatly and still have extremely tiny pieces.  All of the edges are finished and it’s rare to find any rough paper on the edge from an unfinished cut.

Art as a career for Anjuli has been an evolutionary process and she is already brainstorming more ways I can use all my new chipboard.She loves all things mixed media- paper, paint, pens, wire, gears, clay and anything else that she can lay her hands on.

Creating your Own Hide-away Doll House Play Set


Create your own Hide-away Doll House Play SetGloriann Irizarry always had her hands on crayons, scissors and paper. As she enjoys her time with her girls, she will always continue to create art into her daily schedule as that means doing what she loves most.  From her creativity she creates hide-away doll house from a simple box. Here are the materials you need and the steps you shall follow: –

  • White foam board and Scissors.
  • Metal ruler and hot glue gun
  • Decorative gift box 17 ½ x 12 x 5 ½ and pencil
  • Craft knife and Mounting repositionable spray

Here are the steps

  • Measure the foam board to 5 inches to 16 ¼ with the pencil and the metal ruler then cut your foam board exactly at the 5 x16 ¼ pencil markings.
  • Choose your favorite glue and spray then wait a little for the glue to get a little tacky.
  • Measure the upper half and choose your favorite specialty paper and once the paper is cut to size use the Mounting repositionable spray and spray an even coat of glue. Let it get tacky.
  • Finish the walls with Specialty Paper and choose contrasting colors.
  • Follow the same steps for other floors and you can choose different colors

Gloriann is never bored and she will never stop creating because ART is so rewarding. She gets this awesome feeling when she sees her creation taking shape. Art has been a great way to be creative and to express herself.

Making Faux Metal Embellishments


Make your Own Faux Metal EmbellishmentsDuring the cold winters of Canada, Ann Strecko Koeman stays warm by creating something just about every day. She is often found with her hair up in a twist, her hands stained with inks, and her clothes with paint splatters underneath her long goose.

According to Ann, Making your own mixed media embellishments for your crafting and art making can be satisfying to one’s creative soul and also to one’s wallet. When making Faux Metal embellishments with glue gun and some cardboard she likes using rustic looking items.  She likes the look of old and worn even rusty metals.

One of the ways she makes such mixed media embellishments is by stamping an image on pictures while using ink and cardboard and after they have dried she heats up her glue gun, add a stick of glue and trace over the design with the hot glue.

Once the glue has cooled and is hard she spreads some PVA or Tacky glue onto a piece of kitchen aluminum foil as she cuts the cardboard around the stamped image to the desired shape and size.

The process is pretty simple and yet it can give such intricate designs. Ann is so passionate about creating and she even owns gloves that have flaps so her fingers are free to type away while she enjoys a warm mug of hot beverage to warm up those digits.

Mixed Media Art Small Gift Bags


Small Gift BagThe colors and textures of mixed media are some of the elements that leave Sandra Parés amazed. She enjoys creating and getting her hands dirty with paint and gesso. And with the festivities around the corner, she brings to you an ideal way of making someone’s Christmas using a small gift bag. The following are the materials you need:

  • Regular white acrylic paint and brush
  • Acrylic paint: Acrylic Glaze Silk
  • Black gesso and sponge
  • Scissors
  • 1 template
  • Ribbon to make the handles.
  • 1 recycled tetra brikthat we will have cleaned before.

Steps in making the gift bag

  • Cut the tetra brik in half to make the small bag. You can make it larger or smaller according your personal idea.
  • Using a sponge cover the whole outer surface of the tetra brik with black gesso.
  • Once gesso is dry, paint the whole surface of gesso with the acrylic paint.
  • When the paint is dry, you can polish the edges of the tetra brik with the adhesive tape.
  • Take a template to add a picture on the bag. You will stencil the template with a sponge onto one side or both. If you stencil onto both sides, you have to wait to have the first side dry before you stencil onto the other side.

The last thing now remaining is to add ribbon so as to make the handles. You realize how simple it is to make someone’s Christmas.

Making Personalized Gifts Tags


Personalized Gift Tags – On the Gelli PlateBeing a creative director of Martice Smith II, Martice Smith’s stunning illustrations reveals her love for fashion, typography and wildlife while being able to use a combination of traditional and digital techniques. It is after receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree that she established herself as a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer.

As a mixed-media collage artist, she believes that small details matter and she loves building upon several layers of paint, doodles and various mark-making techniques to set her work apart from the rest. She advises that if you are looking to develop your own approach, don’t spend a fortune on commercially made products when you can add a unique touch of your own- using what you already have.

She tried to make a personalized gift tags and these are the supplies you will need to get started:

  • Paintbrush & Gelli plate
  • Stencils & metal eyelets
  • Embroidery floss & brayer
  • Acrylic paints & cardstock
  • White ink pen for doodling

How to make it:

  • Using acrylic paints, use a brayer and roll an even, smooth layer to the Gelli plate. Make sure to paint loose brushstrokes, going in various directions.
  • Lay down a sheet of cardstock (or your choice of paper) and pull a print.
  • Using stencils create a large tag template to use or trace through and cut out the Tags & Labels stencil from DecoArt.
  • It’s important to seal the paintings on your tags, especially if there’s any water soluble media.
  • Add the finishing touches and Eyelets, embroidery floss and twine makes these tags look more polished and really set the tone.

There you have it!