Try Playing out with Different Colors to make Mixed Media Canvases


Mixed Media Canvases with Plaid Folk Art PaintsLearning a few basic techniques the amazing world of mixed media art is accessible to everyone according to Michelle G. Brown. Sharing your knowledge and techniques allow you to express your own creativity.  Michelle loves playing with paints because they are relatively cheap materials and they come in lots of wonderful colors and gives her the ability to coordinate all of the elements she need to create many types of mixed media art.

With the nice looks on the colors Michelle tried to make a canvas and the following are the steps you can also use to achieve create results:

  • Lay out the canvas panels
  • Collect a range of ephemera and tear into pieces.
  • Adhere to the canvas panels, leaving some pale edges overlaying the edges
  • Cut off the excess ephemera with a craft knife and use a sanding block to smooth the edges of the canvas
  • Get out your Gesso and an old store card or spatular and roughly apply a layer of Gesso over the dried ephemera layer. Leave to dry.
  • Add a layer of bone coloured acrylic paint, then a little ivory white and then a layer of yellow as a wash.

While the canvas panels are drying, get set up to create some color coordinated papers to add to the canvas panels. This is the advantage of using paints where you can make your entire bits and pieces match. You ought to understand the creativity within you.

Have you heard about making Canvas with Copics?


Mixed Media Canvas With CopicsKim Kelley is obsessed about her crafting and art being a lover of mixed media art. The comfort behind this is that you are free to go beyond your comfort zone, using your imagination and exploring an anything goes mind set. Kim loves to learn and explore new techniques and hopes that any art she creates leads someone to find their inner creative artist.

Once of the activities she loves is creating canvas that has not only texture but depth to it as well. Below, she shares how she made a canvas using a digital image and copic markers.  How?

  • Get a 3 3” x 12” canvas and apply some matte gel medium all over, including the sides.
  • Digital images are known not to blow up enough and would not become pixelated. Additionally one that was large enough to expand across the 3 pieces of canvas.
  • Lay out your image across the canvas’ to get the right measurements and cut it.
  • Add the extra layers after the drying process
  • You can choose to have a contrast between the background and the image. You can achieve this by mixing some black acrylic paint, iridescent acrylic paint and matte gel medium together for the same.

Some of the tips you can apply to achieve awesome projects include coloring the back of the each layer you use, color the edges when adding an image and you can use  a pen or stick to curl the petals if you are using flowers.

Happy creating!

Wonderful Recycling Ideas


Altered DominoesShari Welch is a mixed media artist known for using reuse and recycle materials in her artwork.She is passionate about mixed media art and enjoys helping others discover their creativity.With a little imagination the possibilities of being able to reuse the board, box, or game pieces to create something artistic and beautiful are endless.

She gives some basic instructionsof how one can decorate dominoes. You will need supplies like:

  • Small piece of wood.
  • Cotton pads
  • Domino game pieces
  • Mod Podge Matte clear acrylic spray sealer
  • Hand drill with a small bit.

Here are some ideas to finish your dominoes:

  • Key chain, Ball chain, leather, magnets
  • Sharpie or any permanent marker
  • Rubber stamps, permanent ink pad
  • Found trinkets, beads, ribbon, eyelets
  • Old comic books and newsprint
  • Mod podge dimensional magic

Read below the steps to follow:

  • Wipe your domino with alcohol to insure no oils or dust is on them.
  • Drill a hole if you so require. E.g. If you are making a necklace or you are adding embellishments.
  • Add a background. Paper, alcohol inks, markers, stickers, rubber stamps will do.
  • Let your back ground dry then spray with an acrylic sealer.
  • Add more colors, stamping etc. once the sealer is dry. You can add embellishments to your domino if you wish.

Creativity here is of essence and before you take your old games to the donation station, take a second look at them.

Experimenting with Small Mini Mixed Media Canvasses


Small Experiments with Mini Mixed Media CanvasesAnjuli Johnson constantly tries to push through her fears to discover and develop her talents, meet new people, and learn from those around her. She loves all things mixed media- paper, paint, pens, wire, gears; clay… the list goes on and on. It’s not enough for her to stick to one or two tried and true techniques- she always feels the need to try nearly everything she sees.

As a self-taught artist, constant learning and experimentation are a necessity for her to become the accomplished artist she dreams of. However it is not her to frantically moves from one medium to the next in a mad rush to try and learn as much as possible. She acknowledges and confesses that it’s not only her who has a room full of craft supplies, waiting to be used for the first time.  Besides she has learned things about so many mediums by working on her mini’s first- paper clay, ink, multiple ways to paint with acrylics, collage, modeling paste, gel medium, and lots of other things.

And even though what she tries turns out to be terrible, she doesn’t sweat too much. The simple reason is that she doesn’t waste expensive materials on a piece that she might ruin through her inexperience. Having begun as a scrapbooker, it has been an evolutionary process ever since.

Using Creative Arts to Make your Own Jewelry from Fabric


Wearable Art- Fabric and Fiber JewelryKatjaBlum likes to find creative solutions for ugly or broken things around the house. As an artist, she started with yarn, fabric and papier mache (rarely together), branching out into collage and other paper arts about ten years ago. On the other hand while jewelry is a perfect way to take a piece of your art with you in your everyday life, Mixed media and jewelry is a great combination.

With mixed media jewelry there are endless possibilities of projects as Katja has highlighted on one of them below. This is what you need:

  • 3 pieces of woven or braided rope to fit around your wrist
  • Needle and thread
  • Duct tape
  • Thin craft wire, yarn or thread to wrap around the bangle
  • Assorted fabrics, fibers and beads
  • Mod Podge, Fray-Stop


Steps to follow:


  • Measure the inner circumference of a bangle you like and cut the lengths of rope to size.
  • Don’t pull the measuring tape too tight.
  • Cut the rope pieces to size, lay them out together and tape them with duct tape to form a closed ring.
  • Cut long strips of fabric or use unspun, dyed spinning fiber to wrap each ring, beginning with the two outside ones,
  • Dab some Mod Podge or Fray-Stop on the fabric
  • Start wrapping in the center of the duct tape at the bottom
  • Decorate your statement piece to your heart’s content. Wrap it with thread, yarn, cord or thin craft wire.


The Parting shot of this art is that thinking about the functional aspects and size of jewelry gives you an interesting framework for your creative ideas.

What do you know About Doodling?


Doodling- More than Mindless DrawingMelanie creates art daily from her private studio with a style that is known to be fun, whimsy and eclectic.Lately she has been doodling in sketch books on legal pads and more. Doodling is regarded as “absentminded drawing” because as you doodle the mind drifts and the pen drifts. As such doodling gets no respect.

While many more companies are being taught how to use the white board more effectively by doodling along with their presentations in meetings providing a visual aid, Artists and non-artists have been writing books on how to doodle in art and how doodling is important in the work place and in schools.Drawing and doodling engages the mind, helps us think and improves concentration. It’s been proven to aid in memory retention whileIt also occupies the mind from drifting into unwanted thoughts at times like meetings and lectures and prevents us from daydreaming.

Studies have shown that people who doodle at times when they are supposed to be paying attention retain 25% more detail than non-doodlers. And if you dint know some of the famous doodlers include John F Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Mark Twain.  Melanie doodles when talking on Skype, watching TV, talking on phone and even when she thinks of writing articles, she doodles.

Create your Own Photo Frame with Simple Tools and Supplies


Celebrating France with a Mixed Media Photo FrameMichelle Brown enjoys sharing her knowledge and techniques with other people to allow them express their own creativity having the understanding that many people have an inner need to create. Learning a few basic techniques makes the world of mixed media art amazing and accessible to everyone. With the project discussed below, she intends to inspire you the reader of this article to get some of your vacation pictures out of the computer and create a frame to put on display. How? By making a mixed media photo frame.

What you need:

  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Brayer
  • Printed Photo
  • Cereal Box panels
  • Sponge applicator
  • Cutting mat
  • Walnut ink.

Instructions to follow include:

  • After gathering supplies print out ephemera sheet and photo.
  • Cut the cardboards into 8×8 panels and into two
  • Have a size photo that you want and cut it at the middle
  • Tear the ephemera into strips
  • Adhere the strips onto the front of the frame using Mod sponge and allow it to dry.
  • To make a nice finish around the edge of the photo frame, turn over and glue the ephemera edges.
  • Add the Mod Podge to the backing piece of card and even out with the brayer.use the brayer to flatten out the photo.
  • Add Walnut ink spray onto the ephemera sheets collage to achieve a nice tone
  • Glue the two layers together.

You are done with your creating.